Complete Marketing Packages

The power of the Internet lies in the connections it makes. When you combine our web design, social media, and digital marketing services into a single package, you exponentially increase your connectivity. Visitors to your website can be drawn to your social media sites with ease, where they'll find unique content from the same voices. 

Don't see something that fits your needs? We're flexible, creative, and open to new ideas. Let's connect, and grow, together.

The Startup

$500 Set-up | $300/month

Social Media Management: 1 Profile

Website Design/Update: Up to 4 pages

Search Engine Optimization: 3 keywords

Blog Postings: Monthly

HTML Newsletter: Monthly

Press Releases: Optional

Promotion Management: Optional

Photo/Video: Standard Rates


“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” - Walt Disney, Disney founder

The Expansionist

$1,000 Set-up | $600/month

Social Media Management: Up to 3 Profiles

Website Design/Update: Up to 7 pages

Search Engine Optimization: 6 keywords

Blog Postings: Bi-Monthly

Newsletter: Bi-Monthly

Press Releases: 4 Annually

Promotion Management: 2 Annually

Photo/Video: 15% Discount


“See things in the present, even if they are in the future.” - Larry Ellison, Oracle co-founder

The Curator

$1,500 Set-up | $1,000/month

Social Media Management: Up to 5 profiles

Website Design/Update: Up to 10 pages

Search Engine Optimization: 10 keywords

Blog Postings: Weekly

Newsletter: Weekly

Press Releases: 8 Annually

Promotion Management: 4 Annually

Photo/Video: 25% Discount


“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.” - Scott Belsky, Behance co-founder

Individual Marketing Services

Social Media Management


Manage and maintain a single social media profile (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

Website Management

starting at $200/month

Maintain and update a single website, content, and security

Web Design

starting at $900

Build a brand new website from the ground-up, or update an existing site

Social Media Audit


Learn what content works and what doesn't with this report. 

Website Audit


Analyze and create a report about your website's strengths and weaknesses

Keyword Audit Report


Identify keywords and phrases to drive traffic to your website


starting at $50/month

Original content written to capture and convert coveted customers


starting at $100/month

Stay in touch with beautiful HTML newsletters to bring customers back


starting at $75/hr

Capture 1,000 words with a single image, and create poetry in motion