Better Websites for a Better World

We're small, we're local, and we like it that way.

This allows us to give each client the time and attention they deserve, as well as working with organizations that, like us, want to use their talents and skills to make a better world.

This includes organic farms, aquaponics researchers, local music venues and manufacturers that work and live in the same place as us. Because making the world a better place starts in our own back yard.

It may seem like lofty ideals for a digital marketing agency, but its this passion that drives us forward and brings out our best and brightest ideas.

But we believe in showing, not telling, so check out some of our projects below to see what we're talking about for yourself.

Urth Farms

Urth Farms, an organic urban farm in New Britain, Connecticut, is one of the oldest urban farms in the United States.

With new management came a new marketing campaign and Sublime Exposure Online was contracted to provide a complete marketing suite for this unique urban oasis.

S.E.O. managed a highly successful CSA marketing campaign, built a gorgeous website establishing brand identify (and featuring our own HD photography), and helped establish Urth's digital presence.

"Great design is making something memorable and meaningful." - Dieter Rams

Bleachers Bar

A local Bristol hotspot known for hosting music acts from near and far, Bleachers Bar wanted a modern website to help fans discover new music and new local beers.

S.E.O was hired to create a sleek, modern website that provided an easy-to-read events calendar and a tap beer list that could be updated by the staff on a regular basis.

We did all that and more, building a beautiful bar website that bands are proud to be featured on, and a rotating list of rare beers to attract connoisseurs.

"What helps people, helps business." - Leo Burnett

Trifecta Ecosystems

One of Connecticut's most ambitious startups, the founders of Trifecta Ecosystems dream of creating a local food system robust enough to feed an entire city.

Trifecta is also involved in STEM education efforts at multiple schools, helping impress the importance of eating healthy on the next generation of grocery shoppers.

S.E.O. was contracted by this innovative startup to develop a newsletter marketing campaign for their innovative aquaponics projects, as well as manage multiple social media accounts to grow brand awareness.