What Does Sublime Exposure Mean?

"Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure... than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat." - Theodore Roosevelt

In literature, "the sublime" is an experience of such splendor and awe that it inspires admiration. It is a lofty ideal that many strive for but few can attain - something so rare that it very nearly defies description beyond its obvious majesty. 

So what the hell does that all mean?

In marketing terms, it's about creating a content experience that goes above and beyond what you're used to - integrating every aspect of your journey into the marketing experience. To promote your industry, we must know your industry - and that means digging down into the details and discovering what makes your organization special, and how to connect with your customers. 

We don't hide behind our computer scouring for stock photos and Wiki-descriptions - we show up cameras in hand and notebooks at the read - to get the REAL story. Everything else is a half measure - and it's not exactly easy to inspire a feeling of awe and admiration when you never leave your keyboard.

Sublime Exposure Online (or S.E.O. as we call it) is a full-service digital marketing agency with the maneuverability and flexibility of a startup. We were forged in startup culture, making us uniquely positioned to provide creative, cost-effective content solutions for both emerging companies and established businesses. 

You'll find us on the front lines - taking photos, creating videos, writing stories, and experiencing your brand first hand.

Because if there is one thing we have learned, it's that every business, and every customer, is unique. We don't put you in a box and lump together your customers like cattle - we find out why your existing customers love you, and what makes your business or organization stand out from the competition.

To bring it all back around, this is more than just a business. This is a philosophy - a way of life, a warrior's code to be the best, to inspire awe, to have people look at our work and go "Wow!"

Anything less just isn't Sublime. 


Chris DeMorro - President

Since graduating from Central Connecticut State University in 2009, Chris has been forging his own unique career path - first as a blogger and web designer before moving onto automotive journalism and PR, eventually landing at digital media startup Important Media as an executive officer.

During his tenure, traffic and revenue doubled year-over-year, and he helped shape the guidelines and standards that have helped Important Media become a trusted authority in green technology news. He also started a popular podcast and was a regular fixture on the auto show circuit, thrilling test drivers and terrifying media minders with his automotive antics.

In 2015 Chris stuck out on his own in search of new adventures and new opportunities, and he didn't have to look far. A small but vibrant ecosystem of startups was forming right here in Connecticut, and at the same time many established businesses were finally waking up to the important of digital marketing.

In May of 2016, Sublime Exposure Online was formed, and in just two years Chris, his wife Nicole, and his team of talented creatives have made waves working with some of the coolest events and most exciting startups in the Constitution State.


The S.E.O. Team

Jo Borras


Web Design & S.E.O

Katie Sterpka


Lead Content Creator

Acadia Otlowski


Chief Editor

Anne St. Hilaire


Marketing Strategy