Portfolio & Testimonials

We could fill this space with a bunch of buzzwords about brand experiences and elegant web design - or we can let our work and clients speak for us.

This is just a small taste of what we can, and have done too - so if you have a specific project in mind, but don't see it here, reach out anyways - even if we can't do it, we'd be happy to point you to someone you can. 

So see for yourself what we can do, and if you feel we're the right fit, let's talk. 

Web Design & Marketing

In today's hyper-connected world, your website is often the first impression people get of you and your organization. A slow, outdated, poorly functioning website not only ranks poorly in search rankings, it could be actively turning away customers who become frustrated with your lack of digital acumen.
It doesn't have to be this way.

Our philosophy for web design is that beauty and simplicity go hand-in-hand. Our goal on every project is to create something that is stunning to look at, yet easy to navigate, and that we ourselves would enjoy using. We build our websites using WordPress, the most popular website software on the planet, and every one of our sites is mobile friendly so your customers are always treated to a beautiful experience.

We create web experiences that people love, whether you need a basic starter site or a complete rebuild of an existing network.

Let us build something beautiful for you.

  • 200% increase in social media followers year-over-year for recently revitalized organic urban farm
  • Design and manage a website that ranks on the first page of Google for "urban farms" near Hartford
  • Coordinate and promote events such as the annual Seedling Sale (over $10,000 raised in 1 day) and Winter/Summer CSA Programs
  • Connecting with local organizations and businesses such as New Britain ROOTS and Alvarium Beer Company.
  • Design and build all-new website for an industry leader in professional microphones and audio equipment
  • Coordinate with in-house marketing team on aesthetic and technical decisions
  • Educate client on how to fully utilize and manage website, removing the need for paid monthly management services
  • Provide six months of technical support to ensure a smooth launch
  • Craft a unique single-page scrolling website for New Britain's first brewery in over half a century
  • Leverage existing assets and create new assets to help promote the hand-built taproom
  • Educate client on how to fully utilize and manage website, removing the need for paid monthly management services
  • Provide six months of technical support to ensure a smooth launch
  • Build brand new website to help promote local music and local beer for popular music venue - website traffic increased by 200%
  • Produce HD photo assets and professional copywriting to populate website
  • Provided detailed instructions so staff can make updates without outside assistance
  • Social media consultation and live music promotion
  • Increase organic web traffic by 108% with new website and S.E.O. content creation
  • Manage and grow social media accounts and create connections with other local businesses for cross-promotion
  • Create and distribute monthly newsletters and create targeted client audiences for maximum effect
  • Facebook ad management increasing monthly reach over 400%
  • Create all new website and port over more than two years of existing podcast and blog content
  • Increased organic website search traffic by over 300% in six months - over 600 downloads per month
  • Produce weekly podcast to provide exposure for growing CT startups - now on 88.1 FM WESU Every Tuesday 1 - 1:30 PM
  • Manage social media channels and connect with guest organizations through organic content and paid advertisements
  • Create website for new music festival, including ticket sales, band bios, and schedule lineup
  • Manage multiple social media accounts, increasing reach and engagement by over 300% vs. the previous year
  • Run multi-week ads for ticket sales resulting in a 700% ROI and setting record attendance levels
  • Design and manage a website for New England's largest Grateful Dead cover band.
  • Integrate social media and event calendar for streamlined updates across all platforms
  • Create a customized social media guide explaining best practices for content creation and sharing
  • Film and edit original viral video for non-profit farm rescue, making it onto local news channels and helping raise over $10,000 in 5 days
  • Created all-new website to solicit donations and volunteers on a limited budget
  • Continue to provide pro-bono social media and digital marketing consulting services (we have a soft spot for animals - Chris)

Social Media & Digital Marketing

With over a decade of social media and digital marketing management experience, S.E.O. has seen it all when it comes to advertising and brand building in the virtual age.

Our clients each offer unique challenges and include local organic farms, cyber-security conferences, and global healthcare startups. Because we love delving into each and every organization we represent, we have developed new and unique strategies that benefit all of our clients.

Don't be boxed into pre-made marketing strategies - let us create a campaign unique to you, and your business, and we'll let the results do the talking.

  • Social media management of two platforms and email newsletter expansion
  • Digital marketing consultation and market research
  • Photo, video, and copywriting content creation for social media and website
  • Manage and expand Facebook and Instagram accounts for brand awareness and lead generation
  • 30% increase and engagement in followers in the first 6 months
  • Run lead-generating ads targeting high-income clients for premium event services
  • Social media and marketing campaign for cutting edge blockchain healthcare startup
  • Craft and execute Twitter outreach strategy - over 400% increase in followers in 6 months
  • Solicit contributors to token sale - over $5 million raised to-date
  • Create and execute all-new social media strategy, including newsletter and videos for local 3D printer reseller
  • Manage pre-created marketing campaigns and promote local and national industry events
  • Design product-specific landing pages to generate new daily leads
  • Press release creation and distribution for Chicago-based cybersecurity conference
  • Twitter and Facebook management, including sponsor promotions and ticket giveaways - 25% increase in followers in ~ 2 months
  • Results: Sold out event, including Premium VIP packages